Saturday, October 25, 2008

catching up

Kali looks good - she's gained weight and muscle and is in great spirits ... go figure!

Dumont has good minutes and bad minutes - he usually resists the sub q fluids but tolerates them every 3-4 days so I give them to him... he's old and lovely - if he doesn't want to be fussed with I'm trying to honour that as well as I did my grandmother's do not resuscitate order

Siam One and Two have working names - the evolution of names has been interesting with them to say the least the flame point male is BB (or Big Boy, Big Bro) or just sweetie , the tortie point is now known as Little Sis (aka Lil, Lily and sucky face)

Ocean is in a new home and LOVING it - she sleeps on the bed at night - and while I miss her very much I am so very very happy for her
it's with a staff person at the Danforth Vet Clinic so I'll hear about her lots and I trust that if there are problems she'll come back to us

I have been socializing 4 scared kittens at one of the shelters .. they are adorable - on day one three of them purred for me!

and life goes on ...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

kali is still on my lap

and Dumont is back asleep under my chair ...
and Siam One and Two remain unnamed

Dumont's blood values actually improved with his daily visits to the spa (aka Danforth Vet Clinic) they are half way to normal now and I'm most impressed - he's still one sick kitty but there is a little more hope in my heart tonight

so, no shock, Kali is feeling PUNK ...

the balance, ebb and flow, call it what you will continues... up, down and around and around ...


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

and the beat goes on...

Kali is on my lap

Dumont is sound asleep under my chair

and both are hanging in there - purring and eating and being as entertaining as usual

the worry in my heart sits heavy at times but they are content so I'll have to be as well

Siam One and Two are getting a little braver too - Tom is working on naming them and he's chatting to them lots

the himi's crack me up ... Ocean had a lead on a home but that's fallen through .. and Coco is Coco - they make me laugh everyday

and the beat goes on and on ...