Saturday, December 13, 2008

boy its amazing how empty a full house can be

We live in a pretty full house between the "home crew" and foster critters yet one little quiet cat missing is so very very obvious

I look for him in all his favourite places - just automatically my eye slides over where he should be then stops when he isn't there
Tom keeps his eye open for all the cats and has noticed Dumont missing more than he's told me I'm sure

I'm not used to hearing a cat meow for even a minute - Dumont was a great comfort - if somebody was distressed he'd wander over and sit with them a minute - often the sad cat would end up licking his head and feeling better with very little attention from me .. Now cats ask to be cuddled quite often and I hear them calling us, and each other, more often and for a few seconds longer.

I opened a can of tuna on Thursday - and there was no handsome black and white and tuxedo cat weaving his way amongst the dogs to insist on his share of tuna water

as so often happens after a death I keep tripping across his "stuff" little needles, lines and fluid bags, special diets all that stuff.. right now I just toss it in a drawer and know I'll miss him all over again when I pack the drawer up

Thursday, December 4, 2008

new edition of the magazine is out

and it is BEAUTIFUL

check it out:

the photography is just incredible ...and it feels like such a quality magazine

Tom's history piece is neat but YY I Left by Kitty is just the greatest thing ever ..

my naming piece is in there is the adding cats to the home piece

I have no idea at all what to write next though...