Friday, March 27, 2009

oh my ...

Frankie and Lily are up at the store for adoption - so sad to leave my scared little Lily there - but I have been assured and assured that they will call if there is a problem and they can come home that very day ... we missed our kitty thunderstorms last night - as they race around the second floor when we get home

Coma Kitten continues to do well - he's now eating, a little, on his own ... he's still blind and tiny but he surely is a fighter

Kala is doing OK - she doesn't really like canned food - tough for a lady with no teeth but she seems to be starting to eat kibble a little - amazing!

Moved a lovely big polydactal out of the shelter, black and white - he's just a sweetie pie .. he'll be next for the store adoption spot when the siamesers are in a home

also took a mom cat and two little kittens to Shelly - cute and tiny, all three just make you grin

have a new cat coming our way too next week - lovely grey tabby - maybe 9 months old - with mild neurological impairment - probably the same cerebellar hyperplasia Flopsy Mo has - but much much more mild ... as of this moment his name is Arely (means brave)

the never ending cycle of rescue work ...

Nando is still hanging in - he sleeps really hard at times but is still engaged interested and social and able to get to the counter for meals without any help at all most of the time.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Coma Kitten

2 weeks ago - or maybe 3 now the amazing Dr Au had a little kitten dropped off . He was pretty tiny and very flat. He had suffered a brain injury and been put outside in a box (presumably to die). A neighbourhood cat found him and picked him up and brought him home. The people quickly realized they couldn't cope with a kitten in a coma. Dr Au is carefully nursing him back to health. He had a couple of days of scary seizures and is now blind but his disabilities aren't stopping him at all. He needs a good name - I have been calling him Coma Kitten, others call him Dopey, Danny or just plain old Mr Kitten. I'll have to get Tom thinking about it. Please feel free to suggest away as well :)

(here Coma Kitty is mauling Thea in the hopes of getting a game going!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tote give away ... Pretty dang cool eh?
what generous people think of give aways on their blogs? my blogs are a place to work out things, think out loud, brag a little, cry a little ... giving things away is just such a cool idea ... I may have try it someday

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kala ...

the himi princess has had her surgery (all but 4 teeth had to be removed)
and is doing quite well

she is a dead ringer for Coco - but nice - really really nice - letting me dose her sore mouth with DISGUSTING antirobe (it really does taste awful) - letting Tom and I visit with her - not minding the cats or dogs one little bit...

somewhere I found the name Kala - it means princess in Hawaiian ..

well I like Hawaii
and when we first met Kala her tongue was stuck out (it still is) an irrevant princess suited me fine (himi's kind of look stuck up - their inner persian I guess)
and all are rescues are princesses - at least at our place
and it sounds like Coco enough for a matched set of foster cats
she can only eat wet food - rather princess-like I think

anyhow she's a dear girl with her malformed jaw and sticking out tongue and hardly any teeth ..
her coat needs some work - and brushing but we like her (just all the animals round these parts - sweet or not!

Friday, March 6, 2009

more nando news

Nando is feeling much better today but the news wasn't good. He had an embolism and there is a large blood clot sitting in his aorta waiting to break free and cause another "event". He is, and I quote the much loved Dr Au here, "is a ticking time bomb". Very scary though I'm glad he's feeling better. More sadness in the future it seems - and I don't need a crystal ball for that one.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

dear dear Nando

Isis (Nando's's sister), Hank and Nando sitting on Tom's lap ...

collapsed last night - and is still wobbly wobbly

Cardiac ultrasound booked for tomorrow - and I hope we can help him and give him some real quality of life. He is a wonderful cat - social with everybody -easy going, sweet with other animals of all species.

Truly a character. He's 16-17 and an old man - he's seen a lot in his life I think - he carries wisdome with him and the younger animals all look up to him.

think good thoughts for another dear soul ....

Monday, March 2, 2009

cats settling in

the fosterlings are settling in well- really well .. TOO WELL - we don't need cats - especially young happy adoptable purebred cats - but nobody is knocking down the door looking for them either ... I hope you can see how blue Lily and Frankie's eyes are ... Coco let me spend quite awhile (in Coco terms anyhow) grooming her today - was a nice bonding moment.

Coco has taken over a new cushion on a new chair. She lives for Temptations Hairball treats - LIVES for them . very funny to watch her make nice just in the hopes you might shake her out a treat!

boy the camera phone is great - it's quick; it's easy and even on dial up I can get the pictures to the blog but I wish they were better pictures.. however - here are Lil (Lily) and Frankie - both have brilliant blue eyes..