Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh Toby ...

dear darling little Toby is most resembling a rubber ball at the moment - he's got so many leads for homes it's amazing but we have him out in a home now - fingers crossed it works - he is a sweet soul and much loved by many people .. he just needs a forever home ..
he is a total snuggle bug ..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

a slight veer in the road ...

I started this blog as a way to capture ideas for articles I was working on for a cat magazine. The cat magazine was put on hold when the recession hit hard and I puttered away tracking (sort of - missing lots) of the animals that cross out path. I realized yesterday that the title of the blog was holding me back - how could I talk about birds, rabbits, hedgehogs etc on a cat blog? Time for an update ... welcome to Foster Tails - Failure is Always An Option ..

Foster failures are the ones who just can't leave - we end up adopting very rarely but when we do we are so hapy to welcome a new life into the forever family - Sally and Thea are foster failures - as is Cotton... and a few others ;)

Nothing to say - just adorable ...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Some days ...

Are good days ... today I was busy at work in the am and busy with animals in the late afternoon/evening. Pulled 4 mice, a hamster, 3 kittens in one group, 2 kittens in another group and a lovely adult Siamese from the shelter this week. The hamster and mice are in homes. Seems quite sure the Siamese (and Delilah) as well as at least 3 of the kittens will be in homes by the end of tomorrow. An amazing day's work. (Add a Spaniel puppy leaving Monday, and a long haired chihuahua leaving tomorrow (cross your fingers) and it's been an incredible week already. I would be hard pressed to tell you the last time Project Jessie had more than 10 adoptions in one week let alone the last time I facilitated many of them. (Though I suspect it would be the All About Pets Show in March of 2007 or 2008) This is our newest Simple Soul. A flame point Balinese he is about 3 months old and just as cute as can be. He is impaired but it's a pretty mild impairment so I'm hoping he will grow into himself and be able to find a home. He is very friendly.

He has a sibling. She is healthy, happy and full of joy. I suspect she'll have a home by tomorrow.
Two of the baby rabbits we did a Year of The Rabbit photo shoot for. Darling and so well behaved!
Another freebie shot of a gorgeous kitten. On a sad note we pulled a LOVELY sweet Persian from a high kill shelter today. She was riddled with cancer and sores and had to be PTS this afternoon. Poor lady. I'm so glad her last hours were spent in a loving home having her mats groomed and getting scratches and love. My heart aches for Shelly and the cat having to go through that.
Today's beautiful pictures brought to you by the talented Judy Au.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Just realized I had left some sad news off this blog - Miss Asia started having major issues towards the end of August - we tried a number of things to help her be more comfortable but just couldn't bear to see her suffer ... she was having seizures and losing mobility rapidly at the end

She was euthanised with dignity and grace and respect
She was a wonderful little cat who has been missed sadly and deeply

I'm not sure why she came into our life unless it was to remind us to appreciate each day and take what we can to make pleasure happen

It was an honour getting to love her

Cat + Call

Cats :
Julia and Kala of course, as well as dear Cotton - while Kala is a foster cat I don't think anyone wants an ancient, toothless Himi! Cotton our three legged prince

then the fosters -Delilah (yah she's still here); Duffy (our white deaf miracle kitten - he's actually going to a home next week); Pretty Pretty whose name has been changed to Purdy; Travolta (our little grey kitten kicked and quite badly broken when he came to us in Oct); Stormy Weather (a little black and white rescued from 30 feet in a drain pipe- he's scared and unusual but not feral)

we've had three litters of orphans through too - all have been placed in great homes thank heavens!

two hedgehogs - down to one now

rabbits all over .. .including some darling babies ... who will be looking for homes in a week - fingers crossed some appear!!

the Coco puppy (spaniel) pictured above ... just darling ..