Sunday, March 7, 2010

catching up ...

Little Delilah is in a home .. a great home .. with my mother - her recovery was amazing

She is a very puppy like cat takes things in her mouth and runs around the house ..
Poor Mum has terrible allergies she's fighting with every thing all of us can think of but she adores Delilah so is really trying to make it work

We've had cats come and go
darling Rumour moved in with my dad .. it's going very well .. Julia is keeping her company for the moment but will come home when we get a chance to connect

Big O went to a fabulous home .. he's now known as Jasper
Lilo moved in - a little Orphan Kitten Syndrome cat he had some aggression issues - I'm not sure he is adoptable in the classic sense but he sure is cute and sweet

Grace went to a great home (she's now known as Magnolia and doing SUPER too)
Chelsea came to us though she leaves this week .. for a trial home - cross your fingers it works as she deserves life as a princess :)

we currently have two darling little tripod kittens - black and white and cute as STINK .. they are hilarious and so charming too .. they need names .. I'm thinking about Hope and Vision after a work thing .. or Equity.. or Capacity ... something will gel soon I'm sure

Nando is aging before my eyes - losing weight but charming and darling as ever ..can't believe he's gone a full year with an embolism sitting in his heart - talk about a ticking time bomb

Bobby's mom says she might be able to take him back - great if it works but he's very happy where he is now