Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cats just CRACK me up

I didn't find Ocean in time for her to leave ... and of course as soon as I got home it was very apparent where she was - funny girl

Coco has taken up residence in a corner cupboard - she leaves for water and her litter box but just meows at me when she thinks she wants food

Nando is being a complete lap boy - he can't get enough lap time - for an old man he still thinks he's a ladies man

Kali isn't feeling great this weekend - glad she's due for a recheck this week.. hopefully we can work a little more magic ...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Animal House Calls

and Ocean (aka Novemeber) is hiding - apparently she doesn't want to make a tv debut or leave here ... if I can find her Shelly is going to take her to free up a little room for a pair of freaked out Siamese and a little dog in trouble...

I have about an hour to look still but have run out of spots to check - I simply can't believe the way this large fluffy girl can VANSIH when she puts her mind to it ..

Coco's face is healing well - the lab results came back and it is a mass cell tumour - likely to reoccur in the same location but not too likely to spread.. poor sweetie - she doesn't have much skin left if another lump has to come off

Thursday, August 21, 2008

just a day in the life of a concerned cat lover

so ... a pretty sadly typical day today (and I don't give out my phone number to anybody anymore)

could I take a 7 year old declawed spayed black and white female whose dad was in a nursing home and the family can't possibly keep the cat but dad keeps crying so they want to be able to tell him cat is safe

could I take a 1 year old flame point siamese who isn't dealing well with shelter life

could I take a 12 year old diabetic cat who has been untreated for months

could I do something about dogs (not mine! phew) barking at odd times of day

could I tell a family member not to worry about a weird lump on their family pet (um no - go to the vet)

could I find out if anything happened to the local dog that recently killed the neighbour cat (on my lawn)

consulted about a cat with litter box problems, a nasty mom with kittens, a URI that doesn't want to clear up...

can I find the friendlier himi who has found yet another new hiding place

can could would

it just doesn't end somedays ...

Monday, August 18, 2008

surgery for coco channel

That funny foster cat Coco had the lump on her nose removed today. We started with x-raying her head and lungs to try to make sure there was nothing cancerous lurking in shadows - all looked good so Dr Au went ahead with the removal ... she did her usual extraordinary job and while Coco has a slightly tilted nostril now and a dramatic star shaped scar it's already looking pretty darn good (much better then the big ugly hairless lump that was there)

she recovered slowly and actually seemed glad to see me as she came in and out of her fog .. I was able to comb her right out and was inspired enough to hunt down her sister when I got home and comb her too ... She seemed to like it and is now happily hanging out on a wing chair in the living room.. YAY for tortie point himis

(not looking forward to Coco's recovery much I must say though)

Monday, August 11, 2008

vanishing cats

having lived with cats for many years now you'd think I'd be over being shocked when a foster cat finds a hiding place I can't find...

well not so much

the more friendly of the two himis has found a hidey hole that defies me - she is around - she was yowling at Julia at 5 am this morning (nice to know she's here but honestly it could have waited an hour or two)

she's eating it seems - cause the food is going down a LOT faster then just grumpy girl eats but yikes - for a BIG PUFFY cat she sure is stealthy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

newest fosterlings ...

boy do I hate people sometimes

2 lovely and scared himilayans have arrived one is seal point and the other is a torti seal point (not that I'd know that - I can barely tell they are himi calling them the right colour is really impossible for me but one of the wonderful vets we work with knows her cat colours inside out!)

we were told they were 7 - they are 10

we were told they were well loved- they arrived without food, a blanket - NOTHING

we were told they were healthy - UGLY lump on the seal points face that will require work up

if ever there were cats in need of new names for a new life these girls are it - the names aren't coming easily tho ... but I'm sure as they get happier we'll figure something out