Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All About Pets Show

It was the 18th annual AAPS this year - I've been attending the show as a participant since 1995. That's a lot of Easter Weekends given to the animals but the value s truly priceless. This year we met hundreds of people and already today 22 animals are in new permanent homes as a direct result of the show. I get to connect with former adoptors and hear how my one time charges are doing. It is exhausting and wonderful all at once. This year I ran into Sasha and Harley's mom - she sent some pictures - they are doing great!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

revolving doors ...

Boots, Soda Pop, Zeldy, Patches, Pi, Bali all have come into Project Jessie in the last month ...actually in the last two weeks ... Patches was the most scared and most shy and ended up being the first to go to her forever home too! Just perfect!
Pi and Bali are both blue eyed siamese type cats .. sweet as can be .. Pi is hanging with us after giving us a big scare last week when he decided eating wasn't important .. he's bouncing back but my radar is suspecting some bigger issue than we've identified yet. Bali and Z are at the Global. Boots and Soda Pop are with Shelly. (Boots is recovering from an eye ulcer).

Our fabulous foster home NF has taken on a litter of puppies and their Mom Ruby. She's come up with a whack of jewel names for them .. Opal, Diamond, Jade, Pearl etc ... very cute. 6 day old puppies smell delicious and make the cutest sounds. Ruby made the transfer well - lets hope she is an easy house guest!!

Getting organized for All About Pets .. next weekend ... too much to do .. too little time .. just another day in rescue land