Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miss Julia Childs

Miss Julia Childs - aka Julia, Jujube, Jo-Jo and that d#$% cat deserves a post all her own. She has lived with us longer than any other animal here now - coming about 6 months before Brody arrived. She was pulled from a euthanasia list to be a companion to Kaylie cat. She had a chronic eye infection in a shelter setting - it cleared very quickly and has never returned.
She's 10.5 or so and a very sturdy small cat. She's black nearly wholly - with white toes and a small bib - as well as some white between her black legs. She's half Siamese at least - the pointy ears and kinked tail are tips but the TELL is her voice. Julia does NOTHING quietly!
She wakes up, we all know. She wants a spot on the couch - again - the neighbours know! She loves attention and adores dogs. She is not as tolerant of cats though.
She has a fabulous purr and is a dear soul - in fact she's named Julia due to the terrific pudding she could make if we could harness the power of her front paw treading when she's happy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the holiday is done but summer continues ...

and a new cat - for now

Delilah has moved in. Poor Mum - 6 months with Delilah and her allergies just kept getting worse and worse so Delilah has come here, for now anyhow. We have heard of a new allergy treatment that involves using the hair from the specific cat you need to live with to create a shot - so we are planning to explore that.

Asia, Cotton and Duffy are all back in the city with Big T this week - much to my shock he asked if the kittens could keep him company. No problem!!

Delilah, Pretty Pretty (yes she needs a real name soon), Kala and Julia are quite content without the baby fosters in their faces .. though Julia has found a hiding spot here so good she scares me .. I don't know where she is most of the time!

Monday, July 5, 2010

where's my camera??

photo is of Cotton mauling Asia (though Asia is half Cotton's size in reality)

OK .
We headed east for 12 days and I didn't have time to find a pet sitter so EVERY body came with us (except the beta abandoned in the hospital - he, I have been assured, will be fine with a fish feeder thing)
Noah's ark had rabbits, parrots, more rabbits, dogs, cats, more rabbits and kittens.

Big T brought the 2 big dogs and all the stuff that 30 living beings require for a holiday (how glad am I that 2/3 are fosters? very very glad)

The cats we brought include Julia and Kala, of course. Then a very scared cat who was identified as a rag doll but looks very himi to me. (She still doesn't have a name- whoops). Cotton is with us. Asia is with us - the 4 month old blue eyed himi with wobbles who was taped in a box and left by a dumpster. Then we have Dr Au's miracle kitten known as Duffy. He is white - with one blue eye and one brown eye. He is quite deaf but that wasn't his overriding issue when he arrived. He could NOT use his front left leg at all - there was severe damage done to it and he couldn't bear weight on it at all. Crate rest and tlc worked their magic and now Duffy is giving Cotton a run for his money.

The cats and kittens are all enjoying having us around so much and enjoying the dogs. All but the scared girl actively like dogs. It's not unusual to see a dog cat sandwich curled up somewhere.

Looks like it might be a fine summer!