Thursday, June 24, 2010

some sadness ...

dead like Smokey Shadow died yesterday -sometimes kittens do that but it doesn't make it much easier .. he faded away to nothing .. even that morning he jumped off a chair chased a ball and snuggled - but I have been worried about him off and on since the day I met him ... it seems unlikely it was contagious at this point but I cna't help but worry a little ...
Snowball continues to thrive - she's going back to her adoptive mom this weekend - perhaps to stay for good as two more cats have joined us now

a scared himi? ragdoll? is residing in my office crate .. she is terrified but totally precious - noise sensitive as an be but never nasty or mean - she is starting to like head scritches and comes out of her bo to visit with us now - we viral tested her so the minute I think she's not going to vanish she can come out

picked up a tiny little 12 week old kitten today - white with bicoloured eyes and a mangaled front paw - lets hope the damage can heal or we may have to look at amputation - we are calling him colombus for now

the little wobbler has been named Nina for now ... after Columbus's Nina ship - obviously the ship wasn't sure where she was going either ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

just keeping track ....

the 2 white kittens are in seperate foster homes - always a good idea with quasi feral babies ...looks like one will stick and the other won't (through no fault of her own just the worng timing for the foster mom)
Jane's three foster kittens go to their new home tomorrow
Snowball and Shadow are spending the weekend with Snowball's forever mom (SB is HUGE; Shadow is still tiny but starting to grow - FINALLY)
Dogma - now known as Quinn - is doing very well in her home ... as is Peanut

Cotton has a new kitten friend - still unnamed - she is a wobbler, a honey, a charmer, a fuzzy siamese .. they don't come much cuter than her ... she was taped in a box and left by a garbage :(

We also have a nervous himi - she hides in a carrier in her crate but is easting and not at all mean so we'll give her time

the revolving door is still operational it seems ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

seasonal juggling continues ...

Kala and Julia stay the same .. nice to have SOME stability

Cotton is still here - and I should just sign the paperwork and be done with him .. I have no interest in him going anywhere ...

Bobby went back home today - it was lovely - and I'm so glad I stuck to my guns and did the drop off myself ..

A cute little tabby with brown splotches went to C - the client at DVC who lost her cat a month ago

Dogma (the darling little tortishell who ACTUALLY outgrew a heart murmur) is moving in with Caitlin- yay Dr Au for making that possible

Snowball, the black orphan and her new little grey tabby buddy are eating and growing well - SB is just ridiculous the way she'll eat

New little foster moved in today - he's not quite right so we'll monitor him frequently and see what happens - we are calling him M. Lloyd for the moment - he reminds me quite a lot of coma kitten from a year ago ...

Shelly showed up with 2 white kittens at the clinic - they need some taming down but are BEAUTIFUL - so we left em at the clinic hoping that works out ok ..cross your fingers

and thus went the juggling of today .. phew ... good to be home ...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

kittens, kiddens everywhere ...

We've done our share of kitten raising over the years
moms with litters, orphans from May - Oct without a break for many years

now I try hard to keep it to a couple of kittens (with or without moms) a year

we have done a fair few kittens this year already somehow ...

right now we have
Cotton - the three legged male who looks pretty likely to stay right here
Dogma - about three months old she had a heart murmur that has COMPLETELY cleared up - I have heard that can happen but never seen it before .. YAY for Dogma - she's very cute but deserves a home of her own
and 2 little orphans - Snowball is a pure black fuzz ball .. and Mr Beasley is a little wee tabby who hisses at the dogs still - quite hilarious .. Snowball thinks he's nuts - so so cute to watch them together :)