Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cats Galore

and finally named the newest infant a week into her arrival

Rumour .. tiny feisty black and white - maybe medium haired kitten .. just hilarious
she has a heart murmur - which we hope she outgrows but there is a rumour she might not... which may mean we have a kitten (a TINY kitten). The last kitten we had from tiny that lives with us is Flopsy - funnily enough another black and white cat! Flopsy is at leats 12 now - and spent much of her formative time in the nursery with her mom. She wasn't very mobile as a kitten so it's a bit of an eye opener having Rumour tearing around, up and over whatever she wants!

Arley looks like he's staying too ... we've never had a grey tabby, a HUGE kittenish, love bug of a cat - he is adorable - nice with the dogs, the kitten, Nando and the witchy cats who try to scare him. He has a strong prey instinct though ... scares me with the bunnies and birds a bit...