Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blast from the past ...

Yup - he's a parrot. A large, character filled. badly injured* parrot. We named him Conrad. We loved him and rehabbed him for 2 years and then he found his forever home. Nobody said fostering is easy. (Finding old pictures is fun mind you!)
*Conrad had been living in HELL when he was sent to live with us. He had self mutilated a fist sized hole in his chest. He has made every bird since him seem easy - fully feathered or not.

Friday, February 18, 2011

seven less responsibilities ... and I'm sad ...

five of the baby rabbits went to a shelter today - they have a lovely rabbit room and great luck getting small critters adopted but I will miss the gang ...

Big and Small went up to the Global today too. 14 weeks old and ready for adoption. Glad they are where joe public can see them but always sad to lose kittens too.

It's always a little bittersweet this fostering business.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flying out the door ...

Coco (Freckles too!), Toby, Alice and Simon, Duffy, Roxy (hamster), 4 fancy mice, a little tabby kitten, Chardon (one of the hedgehogs), all in homes ...

Jane Cat's adoption was finalized too.

Chester, Penny, Murray, Pepsi, Sprite, all left Shelly's place.. a couple of dogs placed from the Wilson's too over 20 adoptions in less than 2 weeks ... awesome..

We had quite a dry spell for awhile so to have so many animals move in such a short time is just amazing!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poor little Alice

She's beautiful but she feel lousy. She vomited yesterday - and didn't want to eat. She is a little brighter today but still not the joyful kitten of the photo shoot day.
I hate that. Sick animals are stressful for us - what can we do to make them better? What made them sick in the first place? Is what they have going to prove ot be contagious? How much is it going to cost the rescue? How can I make more time to care for the sick critter properly? Too many unanswered questions. Alice ended up having an xray then a bariuim series of xrays. Nothing overtly apparent but she still isn't right. DARN IT!
As is so typical of rescue land she and her brother have people interested in them. (If they were healthy there would be no leads I'm sure). I can't show or adopt them until I know she's feeling better. Little Simple Simon is thoroughly enjoying life here. Their combined purr could melt the coldest heart. Cross your fingers Alice bounces back.